Business Travelers Pay A Lot In Taxes

Business Travelers pay a lot more in taxes than you realize.

Try an average of $101 in taxes in a 3 day domestic trip says the National Business Travel Association.

Car rental, hotel stay, and restaurant taxes are often inflated by local municipalities to target business travelers.  No wonder corporate travel departments and the travel industry are increasingly concerned about business travel targeted taxes.

The National Business Travel Association study took a look at 50 American cities with the most visitors via airplanes.  The least amount of taxes, $52.49, are paid by visitors to Portland, Oregon.  Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Honolulu, and Detroit also had low business traveler taxes.

Visitors to NYC’s JFK airport can pay $36.53 in taxes during a single airport visit.  Chicago’s O’Hare is also high with $35.34 in taxes.  Washington Reagan is the lowest at $19.84.

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Elise Lowerison September 20, 2010 at 2:57 pm

Your blog about paying higher taxes in business class was of great interest to me. I found your comments about New York travelers paying even more in taxes particularly intriguing. I look forward to reading additional posts in the future. Thank you!

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