Airplane Exit Row Seats

I miss the good-old-days of the exit row seat.

You know, when you could get the exit row for free by pre-booking them or asking upon early arrival at check-in.  No more.  Now days the airlines are charging for exit rows, well at least most of them.

Airtran charges $20, JetBlue $10 or $20 depending on flight distance, US Airways, United, and Alaska Airlines hold the seats for Elite coach passengers only.

Paying for the exit row is worth it, well as long as it’s a “true” exit row seat.  In some exit row seats, the armrests don’t fold up.  So if no one is sitting next to you, you can’t spread out.  Other exit row seats are actually smaller than a regular seat width wise, and from your knees to hips.  This gives more exit aisle room for emergencies, but less cushion for your rear end.  Shame on airlines that charge extra for the exit row seats on planes that really aren’t an upgrade over regular seats.

I like the idea of holding the exit row seats for frequent fliers instead of charging for them.  A frequent flier perk.  I know I’d choose to buy a ticket from an airline if I knew I was going to get the exit row without paying extra for it – that extra 3 to 5 inches in leg room makes a big difference.

What are your thoughts on the exit row?  Leave a comment.

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