Vacation Apartments in Barcelona – Save and live like a local

vacation rental apartmentWhen you go on holiday to the Catalan capital, a great way of diving into a different experience is to stay in a Barcelona Vacation rental apartment, in this manner, you will feel more like a citizen of the city. Not only that, but there are other benefits of staying in an apartment too:

Apartments give you more space than hotels
The of the average hotel in Barcelona is roughly 30 square metres, and a majority of people aren’t even thinking about size when they’re booking accommodation so it might even end up smaller. Apartments clearly state the size of the accommodation before you book it (at least on the OK Apartment – Barcelona website). There are occasions when an apartment might be 30 square metres, but you are much more likely to find they are in the range of 50 sq metres. In fact, it’s not unusual to be able to find 100 sq m (around 1000 sq ft) apartments for only €23 person/night, and in an apartment like that you can sleep up to 15 people at once!

Travelling in groups
If you’re going to be traveling in large groups then you will find apartments more accommodating than other forms of accommodation, especially if you’re all looking to maximise the time you all spend together on holiday. You can all privately be under the same roof in an apartment, rather than sharing a room in a hostel, or being seperated over 2 or 3 in a hotel or B&B. Rather than spending your nights in the hotel lounge planning your next day together, you can all do it when you return to the accommodation at night, whilst browsing the free wifi that most apartments provide to get some ideas.

Live like a local
There are touristic apartments all over the city and the fact is that you’ll find many more of them than hotels. Because of the sheer quantity of apartments, you’re much more likely to find an apartment in an area to suit you. With other forms of accommodation like a hotel, they’re naturally placed in touristic areas to maximise their income, so it’s almost impossible to find one in a non-touristic area. If you’re looking for a non-touristic area with an apartment, that’s not a problem, because by their very nature, they’re built for the citizens of the city.  Other vacation rental information is here, here, or here.

Save money on meals
Most people don’t even think about the fortune that can be lost by spending money on meals everyday. Hotels can charge around €12 per day on breakfast, then at lunchtime you’ll spend around €9 for a decent meal at a cheap restaurant, finally for dinner you’re looking at around €17 per person. Are you realistically going to spend €38 per person per day on eating? In an apartment you have all the equipment you need to prepare your own food, so you’ll only spend as much on food as you usually do.


Vacation Apartment Rentals in Barcelona Spain| Save and live like a local

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