Tumi T-Tech Polycarbonate Carry On Luggage Review

Note:  This is the third review in a carry on luggage review series.  Eagle Creek Tarmac 22″ review, “Light-weight & Best Deal”, was the first.  Victorinox Werks Traveler, “Big & Tough”, followed.

Tumi T-Tech Polycarbonate 22-Inch:  Stylish & Secure

Sometimes you just absolutely feel the need to lock your bag.  Post terrorist attack rules make a lock useless on most bags as TSA agents need access to search bags in airports.  Tumi has gotten around that issue by working out a deal with the TSA – their agents have special keys that will open TUMI bags.  Perfect, now you can lock your bag and feel safe and not have to worry about getting back a bag sliced open by TSA agents doing their jobs.

But lock-ability most likely isn’t why a Tumi Polycarbonate bag will interest you – style is.   That great looking glossy case will turn heads during your airport stroll.  You’ll get so many looks that you might even begin to wonder if it’s you or your Tumi bag people are looking at.  It’s your Tumi, sorry.

The Tumi designers must have been watching “Pimp My Ride” when they put the final touches on this masterpiece.  Just take a look at the silver rims on those luggage wheels.    Other carry-on bags went for the roller skate/board look with their wheels.  Not Tumi, a BMW would be proud to sport those rims.  Stylish and cool.

Even if you don’t lock your bag, your luggage contents will be safe.  The polycarbonate shell is impervious to tumbles, freeze/thaw cracking, and possibly the apocalypse.  The zippers are even water-resistant.

So if you’re looking for style and security in your carry-on, you’ve found it.  Get a Tumi T-Tech Polycarbonate Carry On.

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