Targus Premium Laptop Charger AC/DC APM69US

A laptop charger is a laptop charger is a laptop charger, right?  They’re all about the same.

Well, maybe not.  The new Targus Premium Laptop Charger is more exciting than most.

You can charge a laptop and cell phone at the same time in a single wall outlet.  That’s handy when wall outlets are scarce at the airport.  A separate DC cable, which is included, lets you power up two devices at once in your car lighter.

The Premium Laptop Charger comes with interchangeable tips for nine different laptops from most major manufactures (but not Apple laptops).  Also included is mini-USD tips and a tip for an iPod or iPhone.  Targus will throw in new tips for free should you buy another phone or laptop if you pay the shipping.

See, that’s not the same old same old laptop charger at all.  Check out the Targus Premium Laptop Charger.

Brand: Targus
Model: APM69US
List Price: $159.99
Price: $189.95


The Targus Laptop Charger is half the size and weight of typical AD/DC chargers and is about the size of a blackberry. As the smallest adapter on the market, this charger is ideal for travel and includes 9 laptop tips, one mini-USB tip for cell phones, cameras or other compatible devices and one iPod/iPhone tip. Easily power or charge a laptop and one additional item such as a Blackberry or iPod at the same time. For added convenience the charger plugs directly into the wall and the AC prongs rotate 180 degrees, allowing the user to plug the charger into a power strip without blocking other outlets. The prongs also lie flat for added portability. To charge or power multiple devices in the car, the charger includes a portable auto adapter. The thin, lightweight cord packs quickly and easily and includes an elastic band for cable management. The integrated tip storage clips onto the power cord so tips stay with the charger and are readily available when needed. The Premium Laptop Charger also comes with the Tips From Targus Program which supplies users with a free tip* for your 2nd laptop and/or cell phone and free tips for future laptops and cell phones so the charger remains compatible with your devices. ....read more


Average Customer Rating

  4 out of 5


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  • Half the size and weight of typical AC/DC chargers; includes integrated cable management and tip storage
  • Power or charge two items simultaneously with the same adapter through an AC outlet or in a car/plane
  • Compatible with leading laptop manufactures; Includes 9 tips for laptops, one mini-USB tip for cell phones or cameras and one iPod/iPhone tip.
  • 60% less materials are used to build this product; One charger can be used to power or charge everything by changing the tip.
  • Limited Two Year Warranty

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John March 6, 2010 at 12:00 am

Very good except no Empower plug for airplane use
Rating:4 out of 5 stars
The description of this item is very accurate. The form factor is great, and it works well for multiple items. However, the only way it works on an airplane is if you have a 110V outlet at your seat (very few) or the airline uses normal 12V auto plug outlets (even fewer if any). It does NOT come with an Empower plug, which is what most airlines are still using. Would be nice for them to provide this even as an add-on option but it is not available.

Trailblazer March 7, 2010 at 12:00 am

Very good universal charger
Rating:4 out of 5 stars
I received the Targus APM69US today. I was a little nervous about purchasing it since I could not find a single review anywhere. It is a very new device. The reason I wanted it is because I have a Kensington 33197 and I could not find a tip for my new HP HDX16t laptop. I also have a Dell 610 laptop.

The charger as received is exactly as described on the Targus web page. It has multiple tips (11 in total) that can charge just about anything. I tried it on the Dell laptop, and it charged it as I was using it. I tried it on the HP HDX16t and it charged it just fine. However, there is a charging light where the charger plugs in. With the HP charger, the light turns on as soon as it is plugged it, and a chime sounds. With this Targus charger, the light does not come on and the chime does not sound. But it charges just fine. Even as I am using it. I charged my IPOD with no problem. I charged devices that use the mini USB plug and they work fine. I am charging the HP laptop and the IPOD simultaneously with no problem. It is a well designed and solid charger. I hope it lasts a long time with no problems.

The reason I gave it a 4 out of 5 is because of the charge light on the HP laptop. Not sure what that is all about, but it does seem to work just fine. I have not tried the DC (Car) charger as yet. I will update the review after I try it. I now have to order a micro USB tip for my palm PRE phone.

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