No More Dented Blackberry – Case Mate Smart Skin Cover

Business travel can be hellish on smart phones.  Raise your hand if you’ve never dropped your Blackberry while traveling.  That’s what I thought.  No raised hands out there.

My last Blackberry was a dented, beat-up mess.  So bad in fact, I couldn’t get the SIM card out of the back.

This helped – the Case Mate Smart Skin. Your Blackberry will love you for it.  And it will last a lot longer too.

The Case Mate Smart Skin is kind of like child-proofing your Blackberry, but it still looks good.  Get one, and help your current Blackberry last longer than your last smart phone.

Case Mate Smart Skin Black Case Blackberry Storm 9530

Case Mate Silicone Smart Skin Red Case Blackberry Bold

Case Mate Smart Skin Red Case BlackBerry Curve 8300 8320 8330

Case-Mate Smart Skin Silicone Case for BlackBerry 8130 Pearl – Black

Case-Mate Smart Skin Silicone Case for BlackBerry 8300 Curve – Silver

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