Laptop Privacy Screen with 3M Privacy Filter

Chances are if you’re on a plane for business travel, you’ve got your laptop out working.  A lot of company documents are secret, and you want to keep it that way.

Even if you’re working on something personal, or even playing a game, you don’t necessarily want the people sitting around you to know what you’re doing.

Give yourself some privacy.  Try a laptop privacy screen from 3M.  They have a privacy filter that will do the trick.

With the 3M privacy filter, you can easily see your screen.  But to anyone seated to your left or right, the screen will look completely black.  Bingo.  No more chance of annoying snooping.

3M Frameless Privacy Filter (PF15.4W)

3M Notebook/LCD Privacy Filter for Widescreen Notebooks (PF14.1W)

3M Privacy Filter for 17-Inch LCD Monitors (PF17.0)

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