iPhone Battery Extender Kensington Charger for iPhone & iPod

If you’re like me, you panic a little bit when your phone dies.  The iphone Battery extender by Kensington (works for iPod as well) is the kind of product you don’t realize you need because you don’t know it exists.  But once you learn about it, you gotta have it.  It’s small enough to fit into your pocket.

Brand: Kensington
Model: K33459US
List Price: $49.99
Price: $9.95


Keep on talking, keep on rocking--the rechargeable Kensington Mini Battery Pack and Charger for iPhone and iPod has the power you need to keep the conversations and music going.

Keep on talking, keep on rocking.

The power you need to keep the conversations and music going.

Small and unobtrusive enough to keep connected to your iPhone or iPod while you're using it.

Power and charge your iPhone or iPod on-the-go, and enjoy an extended playtime of up to 30 hours of music; 6 hours of video; or 3 hours of talk. The high-capacity, rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer battery pack is small and unobtrusive enough to keep connected to your iPhone or iPod while you're using it.

The LED battery meter lets you visualize how much juice you have left, and the included retractable USB charging cable makes powering up the battery pack a snap. Backed by Kensington's 1-year warranty.

What's in the Box
Kensington Mini Battery Extender and Charger for iPhone and iPod (Black), USB charging cable.

Learn More About Universal Power Adapters
Universal Power Adapters are a convenient choice for households and businesses that have multiple brands of laptops/netbooks. More compact and portable than standard OEM bricks, Kensington Universal Power Adapters can be shared between Users of different laptop brands simply by exchanging the tips included in the packaging. Also, many of Kensington’s Universal Power Adapters offer additional functionality over standard OEM bricks by including a USB port to allow for charging peripheral devices (i.e. Smart Phone, MP3 Player, Personal Gaming Device) while also charging/powering your notebook.

Kensington’s Universal Power Adapters are a popular replacement to lost or broken OEM adapters.  But most often, users enjoy the convenience of having an additional Universal Power Adapter to keep in their travel cases for use on the road.

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Average Customer Rating

  4 out of 5


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  • NOTE: This item is model number K33459US; it is the same product as Kensington's K33442US but featuring new environmentally friendly reduced packaging
  • Compatibility: iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G; iPod classic 4G, 5G, 5.5G, 6G; iPod touch; iPhone
  • Power and charge your iPhone or iPod--extends play time up to 30 hours of music or 6 hours of video (on iPod nano 3G) or 3 hours of talk (on iPhone)
  • Includes retractable USB charging cable, and it's small enough to keep connected to your iPhone or iPod
  • High-capacity, rechargeable Lithium-Ion polymer battery pack for increased energy efficiency

The Sony A1313599A Laptop Battery is a professionally manufactured high quality battery.

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P. Rice May 3, 2010 at 12:00 am

Luv the lil’ thing!
Rating:4 out of 5 stars
I can’t really live without one or two of these puppies- I use my Iphone so much that even my car charger cant always keep up with me!

The only thing that could be better would be more oommphhh, more raw power (Energy/Time) and/or Energy by itself (Amps I believe). With heavy usage, I could probably use a couple of these.Like when I’m out and about all day long and using Google maps non-stop and Yelp! non-stop on my Iphone 3G. I really like it because the shape and size are perfect. So perfectly compact and convenient in fact- that I have recently mis-placed it! which makes me kind of aggravated….

To emphasize- for me- nice design and cost are always of the utmost importance and I find this pak very sweet on both accounts. Worth it to buy a couple I think…hope the other one shows up someday!

I hope I can help people get a good product for small monies…

J. Galvao May 3, 2010 at 12:00 am

Worthless, short life span!
Rating:1 out of 5 stars
It worked fine until it died shortly after purchase. Waste of money, especially when you buy the combo (charger). This has been reported multiple times elsewhere. I did not listen and I am paying the price.

Kensington Mini Battery Extender and Charger for iPod; iPhone 1G, 3G (Black)

Alejandro Valerin May 4, 2010 at 12:00 am

Does the job (my detailed review)
Rating:5 out of 5 stars
Well, for sure this battery WILL NOT recharge your iPhone to a 100% if your main battery is drained, but I will give you a nice and useful charge, FOR SURE.

I have an iPhone 3GS 32GB and these are the two tests I’ve made so far:

Took the iPhone to a 20% of remaining battery and did:

1) Leave the iPhone alone (not making calls nor anything else), but with 3G and bluetooth activated, put the mini battery in and when it drained, the iPhone battery was at 70%

2) Leave the iPhone alone again, but this time with both 3G and bluetooth disabled. When the mini battery was dead, the iPhone battery got to 80%.

These are my 5 cents of my experience with this mini battery so far, I’m glad with it totally recommend it.

I will do more tests later and let you know. These tests will be of actually “using” the iPhone while the mini battery is plugged in.

Dartanyon C. Race May 4, 2010 at 12:00 am

Disappointing over time
Rating:2 out of 5 stars
This little battery pack just isn’t worth the trouble. It is certainly small, and maybe if you need just a little boost to your battery it might work for you, but I am getting no where near the stated time, or amount of charge. So from a auxiliary battery point of view, it doesn’t cut it. Secondly, because it’s a little heavy (certainly heavier than Apple engineers envisioned anything that hangs off the dock connector being) it really wiggles around, does not stay put, and on top of that also loosens up the dock connector itself.

D. Fan May 6, 2010 at 12:00 am

died after 3 uses
Rating:1 out of 5 stars
This charger simply died only after 3 previous uses. I took it with me on the road last week after charging it fully. I noticed that it was not charging the iPhone at all when I tried. When I returned home, I found out that the charger itself no longer gets charged.

Debra Chong May 7, 2010 at 12:00 am

Little Battery Charger
Rating:5 out of 5 stars
I think this is a great small battery pack for the iPhone. Charges via USB with a mini USB part that goes into the battery pack (you can plug this into the wall if you have a USB charger to AC charger). Small and easy to travel with for those who are on the go. I also have a Casemate Fuel which charges similaly but is a battery and holster. The Casemate is lighter and works well but I got this as times I do not want to have a holster. With both, I would not have to charge the iPhone for a long day or two. Got this at BestBuy for $20, on sale. The Casemate Fuel cost me about $59 a year ago. Both are great, but I would have bought this only if it had been available when I bought the Casemate Fuel as it is smaller.

Jiri N May 7, 2010 at 12:00 am

works great
Rating:5 out of 5 stars
I bought this charger couple days ago and I must say I love it. Let me first say that the main feature is the size – this charger is very small and requires no additional cables for charging the iPhone and thus is very portable. If you are somebody why needs to add additional battery power every day then don’t buy this, but if you are like me and you need extra power once a long while because u flying or staying in friend’s house overnight, then this is great product.

I was able to charge iPhone 3GS with 20% battery power left back to 80% in 1 hour and to 95% in less than 2 hours. If you turn the iPhone off (if u flying for example) and then start charging it, you might get even faster charging time.

There are few gotchas you should be aware of.

1. if you use a case with your iPhone, the charger might not work. I was lucky and the charger fits and works with mine, but it’s not really securely attached. I have to remove the case if I want really good grip. This is of course not an issue of the charger and I really don’t care that much simply because I don’t use this charger every single day.

2. The cable which charges the charger is USB-to-MINIUSB has issues – first it’s only charging cable and not datacable (no idea why) and thus you cannot use for other things (I hate to carry 20 different cables when I travel). The second I really don’t get why this cable exists in the first place. Why the charge cannot use existing iPhone charging cable instead or at least have an option to use either miniusb or iphone cables?

Corn Field May 9, 2010 at 12:00 am

Batte3ry extender
Rating:5 out of 5 stars
Keep it in my purse.

Wonderful gadget to recharge my iPhone.

Easier than carrying a recharger cord for times I am running low on charge

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