International Gadget Charger: Ebags Universal Plug Adapter Kit

Stop Worrying About How You Will Plug In Your Gadgets When You’re Oversees.

eBags put together a nice little adapter kit.  The adapter works in over 150 countries, and doesn’t take that much room in your travel bag.

What I like best about eBags travel plug adapter is that it is truly all-in-one.  The last international adapter I had was a full kit with different prongs for each country.  I kept losing the prongs, and finally just chucked the whole kit.

The eBags travel plug adapter is all-in-one, including a USB 5v charger module.  Logitech parts.

It sucks to be the guy that can’t charge your gadgets because you lost the prong for the country you’re in.  So don’t be.  Get the eBags Universal Plug Adapter Kit

Universal Plug Adapter Kit w/USB Charger

Universal Plug Adapter Kit w/USB Charger

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