Have a Relaxing Flight. Seriously

A Relaxing Flight is Possible

You think I’m joking, don’t you.  Well, I’m not.  It is possible to relax on your business flight.

No, no.  I’m not talking about sneaking something illegal on the plane with you.  I’m referring to using a little device that will easily fit in your carry on bag –

A hand-held massager.

Oh don’t worry.  No one will think you’re weird when you pull one of these out.  In fact the looks you’ll get will be jealous glances.

There’s a couple of different massagers that I’ve tried and like:

Homedics PM-R2 Hand Held Massager (Colors May Vary)

Soothe cramped feet, legs, and shoulders with Homedics’ hand-held vibrating Comet massager.  They’re cheaper than you think.

Knobble ll (Assorted Colors)

Knead out the knots in your legs and lower back with the Knobble II.  Also less than that airport lunch you just ate.

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