Eagle Creek Tarmac 22 Carry On Luggage Review

If all those checked-bag fees don’t annoy you enough, the thought of a lost checked bag makes your blood boil.

What’s the business travelers best option?  Carry your bag on the plane with you.

Seems straight-forward and simple and it can be if you have the right overhead-ready bag.  There’s more than one bag that will do the trick.  Hence, we’re doing a set of reviews on the best carry-on bags.  First up:

Eagle Creek Tarmac 22″ – Light Weight & Best Deal.

This baby looks good, it’s smart, and it travels well.

Urethane corner guards protect critical wear points.  Durable kick plate and wheel housing protects the bad from urban obstacles like taxi trunks, curbs, and stairs.

The handle is ergonomic with a curved touch point radius.  It’s lighter in your hand as more weight goes to the wheels.  This makes it seem even lighter as you pull it around the airport.  The engineers did a good job with the bag design as the bag center of gravity keeps it from falling over even if you have a heavy laptop hanging off the front.

The fleece lining keeps electronics cushioned.  A hidden pouch inside the bag is a good place to store valuables like money.

At 8 pounds, it’s tied with the Tumi bag for the lightest reviewed.  The size also meets most airlines carry-on requirements.  Dimensions are 14 x 22 x 9.5 inches with a 3200 cubic inch volume.

And best of all, at a retail price of $275, this carry-on bag is the lowest price of the bags we’ll review.

Tired of your too-heavy and big bag?  Get an Eagle Creek Tarmac.

Eagle Creek – Tarmac 22″
Eagle Creek - Tarmac 22 (Black) - Bags and Luggage

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