Business Travel Gadgets to help you stay connected with clients

Being connected with clients and colleagues 24*7 is need of the hour in the contemporary competitive scenario. On the other side, in today’s time of globalization, business travel has become an integral part of daily lives of corporate moguls and business executives. Thanks to state-of-the-art gadgets, it has become a cakewalk to be in touch with clients, colleagues, family and friends whenever and wherever you are.

 MiFi: We have become so used to high speed Wi-Fi connections that whenever we are outside its coverage area it’s badly missed. And having individual internet connections for your smart phone, tablet and Laptop doesn’t seem to be a wise idea, especially when you can use a single connection for all your devices. MiFi is a portable wireless hotspot that can connect up to 5 devices with internet at a single time. All you require is a 3G or 4G connection to cut your dependency on Wi-Fi.

 Pocket Projector: With internal memory to store your presentations, movies and other data, pocket projectors are small enough to fit in your coat or pants pocket. To add more to your surprise, pocketsize projectors can demonstrate presentations under bright lights too. On a business trip and missing your home theater. Relax! In leisure time business travelers can connect it to a DVD player and watch the movie of their choice. You can still enjoy watching 30 Rock or the Modern Family on big screen instead of your laptop or tablet.

 Universal battery Charger: Carry a universal charger with you and dying battery will be a problem of past. The biggest problem a business traveler faces is carrying a mesh of cables, which take a zillion years to untangle, to charge his travel gadgets.  Universal charger is portable and can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. So, you can now charge your PSP, iPad, Nintendo, smartphone, laptop and almost every gadget with ease.

 Touch Screen Friendly Gloves: Smartphones and tablets have become as much part of our lives as our family and friends. These gadgets are our media players, means of social interaction, navigation devices and almost everything. But for people living in colder climates using a touch screen tablet is a bane. With touch screen friendly gloves, we can use our gadgets without sacrificing our hands to freezing winters. Touch screen gloves are highly accurate, comfortable and easy to use. Pick up these gloves and make fellow users jealous.

Business Travel Gadgets to help you stay connected with clients

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