Best Travel Coffee Mug Reviews

Not all business travel takes place in airplanes.  The good old company car still helps us get to those sales calls.

You know you have a favorite coffee to fuel your business trips.  Now you need the best travel coffee mug to keep your brew off your lap.  Here’s our reviews of the 3 best coffee travel mugs out there:

Contigo 2 Pack 16 Oz Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Autoseal Stainless Steel Travel Mugs – (Red & Black Top)

This tall, slim mug keeps the coffee hot for a long time without burning your hands.  The “sipping system” is great.  Just press the button on the lid, and java flows.  Release the button, and no coffee is getting out of this mug.  Perfect.  Now you can actually make it to your meeting without an unsightly stain on your pants.

Brugo Thermodynamic 10008 Travel Coffee Mug Midnight

It’s too easy to scald your mouth with coffee made the right way (200 degrees according to brewmasters).  Brugo has a system to keep from burning your mouth.  Just gently shake the mug to move a gulps worth of coffee into the chamber in the lid.  This allows the coffee to cool to a drinkable temperature while the rest of your cup stays hot for a long time.  Plus the stainless steel top design just looks good.  Good design and function.  Bingo.

Thermos 16 Ounce Leak-Proof Travel Mug

A classic stainless steel travel coffee mug.  This heavy, sturdy travel coffee mug keeps your coffee hot the longest.  Stainless steel vacuum-insulated double walls retain the heat, while the 360 degree sip lid makes the coffee easily accessible.

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