Best Laptop Computer Bags & Sleeve Reviews

Find the Laptop Bag that Meets Your Travel Needs.

We often get the question, “what is the best laptop computer bag for the business traveler?”

The “best” all depends on your needs.  Here are reviews of the best laptop bags we’ve found for the following needs –

Airport Friendly:

I hate having to take my computer out of my bag to run it through airport security.  I’m scared it will get broken somehow.

Travelon has a checkpoint-friendly computer backpack.  Instead of removing the computer and exposing it to possible harm, just take out the laptop sleeve.  The sleeve has a see-through mess cover, which allows your computer to be scanned without removing it from it’s protective sleeve.  Laptop computer parts.

Travelon Checkpoint Friendly Backpack


Cole Haan has a lightweight laptop bag.  It’s also durable and relatively stylish.

Cole Haan – Kyle Laptop Sleeve (Black) – Bags and Luggage

Cole Haan - Kyle Laptop Sleeve (Black) - Bags and Luggage

If you’ve been able to upgrade to a small laptop or even a netbook, you don’t want a bulky bag.  The sleek E-Sling from Case Logic is just what you, and your shoulder, are looking for.

E-Sling- Small – Black

E-Sling- Small - Black

Gadget Organizer:

You love your gadgets, but need a place to keep them organized and safe.  Bingo, we have the bag for you.  Recently released Cocoon Innovations bags have a panel of elastic straps to hold your gadgets and other travel gear.

Look Good.  Style Counts:

Chloe Dao was hired by Nuo to design a new set of laptop bags.  Yep you’ve heard of the name, Chloe won Project Runway.  The bags have style, and look great unlike the majority of corporate drone looking bags out there.  The sleeves, as Nuo calls them have, have a hard outer shell.  They’re slim, but still have room for a few files and a couple gadgets in addition to your laptop.

Chloe Dao for Nuo Abstract Floral 15.4″ Laptop Case

Chloe Dao for Nuo Abstract Floral 15.4

Chloe Dao for Nuo Abstract Squares 15.4″ Laptop Case

Chloe Dao for Nuo Abstract Squares 15.4

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