Benefits of Smart Travel Apps for Blackberry Users

If you are traveling outside, it becomes very essential to keep organized and informed otherwise their journey can turn into a headache. In this fast-paced world, it is not easy to keep track of all information. Consequently it becomes essential to carry a gadget that can make your life move in easier, economical and organized way. Whether you are a frequent traveler or not, BlackBerry smart phone is a significant companion for you while traveling. The Smartphone of Blackberry has entire features of a magazine, road maps, books and compact discs that can give you company while traveling.

From the time, Blackberry was introduced to the public along with applications; it brought a revolution in software. The mobile application store of Research in Motion has flooded it with different software including travel. TripCatch WorldMate is an essential application that is available in Blackberry and can be used while traveling with this smart phone. It is an application that automatically recognizes travel confirmation emails and synchronizes them to your itinerary without forwarding the confirmation emails. After installing WorldMate 4.0 in your phone, you will receive the first travel confirmation email that will activate a notification message asking if you want to add it to your WorldMate Trip. Approve it one-by-one or auto-import every travel email you get directly to WorldMate. This application takes care of your privacy very seriously.

Using BlackBerry Travel apps, you can save time and effort and avail all-in-one travel service for your BlackBerry® Smartphone. Services that you can enjoy through your Blackberry are:

Hire a limo for pickup.

Explore flights to any destination and get schedule of more than 800 airlines

Get information on flight changes & cancellations.

Explore best restaurants, night clubs and shopping centers with Yelp®

Use travel directory for hotel bookings and car rentals right from the app, in more than 20 currencies.

Get recommendations for any forgotten or wrongly booked items.

Find up-to-date exchange rates and convert sums easily in three currencies using currency converter

Get 5-day weather forecasts for any place in all over the world

View 5 world clocks together with automatic DST updates

Share travel plans with friends, family & colleagues through Social Networking sites

Synchronize your travel itinerary with your calendar

Use BlackBerry and Google Maps, AT&T Navigator / TeleNav, MapQuest Navigator and others to find any item/place

So anything is your reason to travel, whether you are on a family holiday or going for a business trip, it becomes essential to carry a phone that has all these applications. These applications not only make your trip easy and convenient but also keep you informed with several important aspects that are important to be known. Ranging from booking online flight ticket to knowing every latest update of your travel, the Smartphone of Blackberry helps you.


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