A Flash Drive That Fits In Your Wallet

You know the business traveler mantra on devices – the smaller the better, but the product still has to work.

We’ve got a winner for you.  The Clickfree Traveler Automatic Backup USB Flash Drive. It’s so small it fits in your wallet.  Perfect.

Now you don’t have any excuses for ignoring regular data backups on your laptop.

Just plug the Clickfree flash drive in via a thin USB connector.  The drive will automatically do the work for you.  It finds all your data files including your emails and copies them to the flash drive.  After your first backup, the drive will only back up the new files or the ones that have changed.

No clicking, dragging, or software installation is required.  You still have the option of choosing which files to back up if you prefer.

Losing your laptop or having the darn hard drive fail is a disaster without data backup.  Avoid the headache.  Get one of these little babies as insurance.
Clickfree Traveler 16GB Automatic Backup USB Flash Drive

Clickfree Traveler 32GB Automatic Backup USB Flash Drive

Clickfree Traveler 64GB Automatic Backup USB Flash Drive

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