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Tweet I’d rather have snakes on airplanes then kids.  Seriously. Well, the non-poisonous kind of snakes.  They can even bite, because kids bite too. Mostly snakes would slither around and try to find a place to hide.  Kids, on the other hand, run up and down the isles and bump your computer monitors.  They touch […]


Tweet Federal information shows that U.S. airlines collected more than $6 billion from fees in the first nine months of 2010. That’s a whole lot of cash. It looks like oil & gas prices are going higher in 2011, so you know airline executives are in their meetings dreaming up new fees right now.  Bastards. […]


Tweet Business Travelers pay a lot more in taxes than you realize. Try an average of $101 in taxes in a 3 day domestic trip says the National Business Travel Association. Car rental, hotel stay, and restaurant taxes are often inflated by local municipalities to target business travelers.  No wonder corporate travel departments and the […]

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Tweet Go get ’em Senators! As you read in “Spirit Airlines has no soul“, Spirit Airlines wants to charge passengers for bringing a bag on the plane with them.  That’s right, charge for a carry-on bag. Apparently business travelers weren’t the only ones that were rubbed the wrong way by this terrible idea by Spirit […]