Best Frequent Flyer Deal: Transfer AMEX Membership Rewards Points into Delta SkyMiles Account

Don’t thank me now, thank me when you get upgraded to first class on your free Delta flight.

For those that know way too much about frequent flying, the instructions below are a goldmine.  It will provide Silver Status on Delta plus enough frequent flyer points for two free flights.  Plus if you already have Amex points it will give you a 50% bonus for transferring your American Express points to Skymiles.

1.  Sign up for the promotion here.

“REGISTER FOR YOUR 50% MILEAGE BONUS.  Earn more by transferring membership rewards points into your Skymiles account.

Once you register, you’ll earn a 50% mileage bonus the first time you ever transfer Membership Rewards® points into your Delta SkyMiles® account. Offer good for first-time only transfers now through May 31, 2011. First register, then transfer points.

And if you transfer 50,000 points or more, you’ll also receive 25,000 Medallion® Qualification Miles (MQMs). That’s enough to give you Medallion status and benefits like waived baggage fees, unlimited upgrades, preferred seating, and more.”

2.  Double check it shows up in your account here.

3.  Get a qualifying American Express card if you don’t already have one:

Gold Delta SkyMiles(R) Credit Card from American Express

The Platinum Card(R) from American Express

Platinum Delta SkyMiles(R) Credit Card from American Express
Of course if you already have an AMEX card and you have 50,000 AMEX points all you need to do is transfer the 50,000 AMEX points to Delta and for your 50,000 AMEX points you’ll get the 75,000 Skymiles and the 25,000 MQMs (and the Silver status).

4.  Then link your DELTA account to your American Express Membership Rewards (MR) if you it’s not already.  MR let’s you “advance” 50k right away.  Move over 50k MR points and net out 75k + get 25k MQM on top of that.

5.  Spend $1000 on your new American Express card and earn the 50k bonus.

Really anyone who can qualify for an AMEX with a great signup bonus should get two free flights and get upgraded to 1st class on many of their Delta flights for the next year.

No need to have an account currently but you must have an AMEX card for this to work. Basically what you’re doing is signing up for a credit card, spending $1,000 to get a 50,000 point bonus, then transferring those bonus points from American Express to Delta to get 75,000 Skymiles and Silver Medallion Status.

Update:  On caveat I didn’t realize earlier is that the only American Express card out there right now offering the 50k bonus is the Platinum card. It has a lot of perks but it does cost $450/year. You might be able to find another AMEX offer for a new card that offers a large amount of bonus points that doesn’t have a large annual fee. Generally there is some offer out there for 30,000, 40,000 and or 50,000. The important thing with this offer is that you must transfer 50,000 AMEX points to get the Silver status at Delta.

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