American Airlines Free Flights For Small Business Travel Contest Details

Wouldn’t be great to be able to fly for your business travel for free?

American Airlines wants to give you that shot.  Winners of their Flight.Camera.Action contest will be able to fly for free for business travel.  So no sneaking in the trip to Oahu, Hawaii.  But, first you have to win the contest.

Called Flight.Camera.Action, the contest is being hosted by American Airlines and SCORE, the small-business mentoring and training organization. To enter, business owners must submit interactive videos that show how air travel benefits their companies to the contest website,, by July 15.  To be eligible, contestants must have between two and 500 employees.

This could be a good project for an unpaid intern.  Not sure I’d spend real employee time doing this.

American is giving away different prizes, so it’s not just a winner take all type deal.  The first 200 businesses to enter will receive rewards points that can be redeemed for flights, upgrades and other perks. Owners who submit the top 50 videos will earn up to five domestic round-trip coach tickets. And the grand-prize winner will receive 50 domestic round-trip coach tickets, plus exposure to American Airlines customers through a full-page ad in American Way or American Airlines Nexos magazine.

If you’re from the UK, this contest probably sounds familiar.  British Airways has had the same contest.  BA awarded 250 entrepreneurs a free flight to London – where they networked and shared business ideas – and then a flight to any destination of their choice. Three of the 250 winning businesses competed to win a travel grant from British Airways, featuring 10 round-trip tickets to fly anywhere in the world.


American Airlines Free Flights For Small Business Travel Contest Details

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