About Us

About Us:

We’ve done our share of business travel. Too much traveling in fact. We always wished there was a website with information dedicated to the small business traveler. We never found one we liked, so we thought we’d put one together.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any feedback or suggestions. Thanks!  See our privacy policy.

About BusinessTravelConnection.com – How We Built This Site:

Wow! BusinessTravelConnection.com is brand new, but I have already received a few emailed compliments. Thanks! I appreciate your kudos.

Here’s a secret … it was relatively easy to build. And, we did it without hiring any technical help.

So you want to build a website and/or blog of your own, huh? Well, stop thinking about it, and do it!

As promised in a few response emails, here’s some tips:

Use WordPress

WordPress is a blog application. Even if you are not planning to start purely a blog, I’d still use WordPress as the platform for your website. WordPress has a templating system, which makes it straightforward to make your website look the way you want it to. “Widgets”, or open-source code that can be added to your WordPress site without editing code, are usually free. “Themes”, or customizations to WordPress that make it even easier to create your site without coding, can also be installed to WordPress. I used a theme, which I’ll review in a moment.

Another benefit of WordPress is all the free support on the internet. There are plenty of forums out there that answer your questions if you ever get stuck.

Get Your Own Domain

You want to people to be able to find your website, right? Well, don’t host your blog on WordPress where you’ll have a URL like www.yourblog.wordpress.org. If you own your own domain, you have a better chance of people remembering the URL as it will be shorter. Plus, odds are you have a better chance ranking in Google because your site will get the benefit of any link backs, not wordpress.org.

Use a Web Host that Specializes in Blog Hosting

I read the hosting reviews at Website-Hosting-Reviews, and discovered BlueHost. They have a 1-click WordPress install. I was able to install WordPress on my domain in minutes. Simple.

BlueHost also includes a free domain name with their hosting package. Also free email, so you can have an email address like [email protected]

Consider Buying a Theme

If you don’t code in PHP or HTML, I would suggest you buy a WordPress theme. They’re not that expensive. Basically a theme builds on top of WordPress and makes it even better and easier to use. I’m using the Thesis Theme. Thesis allowed me to build this entire site without any specialized coding. It was all point and click or cut and paste.

Thesis also is structured for search engine optimization (SEO). This gives your site the best chance of showing up when someone searches in Google.

Best of luck!

The Thesis Theme from Chris Pearson and DIYthemes

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