Do you want to get your adrenaline pumping? Then try going on an adventurous holiday. Go to some of the most exotic and serene destinations in the world to try something crazy. But wait before you book your flight tickets, Read the tips given below to have one of the best vacations you’ll ever have.

Figure out what you want:  Before you pick your holiday destination, you have to figure out what gets you excited. If you’re a water person, then you might want to visit places that are best known for water sports like river rafting, scuba diving, water skiing, skurfing etc. If you like Bungee jumping, hand gliding, Para gliding or their likes then look for places that offer these adventure sports.

Talk to People:  Since you’ve already decided to go on a holiday, don’t shy away from asking questions about it. Talk to experts, Adventurous people and world travellers to get information on the destination you want to visit. Inquire about the things to do and the places to be at. Ask questions about the safety of the adventure sports you’ve chosen. Look for reviews and then choose the best option available.

Adventure Travel
Do your Homework:

Before you pack your bags, research about the destination. Is it the best option for you? Are you getting the best deal available? Search the web for reviews, accommodation and deals for adventure travelling.

Find out how well it is connected to the world. In case of a dangerous sport, find out what healthcare facilities the place provides. Most of all, check if the place has any safety Hazards.

Learn the sport:  Most travel destinations do not provide for any kind of training on adventure sports. Make sure you take classes to master the sport before you leave. Learn everything there is to learn about the sport. Listen to your trainer carefully. When you reach your destination, clear your head and do everything as you were taught and you’ll be good to go. Go crazy but don’t act on impulse. Think what you want to do through.

Check in on the Weather:  Choose a destination that has an ideal weather all-round the year. If you’ve already decided on the place then decide on time. Search online, to check the ideal time to visit your destination. A few days before you leave, Check if any kind of turbulence in the weather is expected. You don’t want to ruin your trip, by waiting the days out in a hotel room. Don’t let weather parade on your perfect holiday.
Avoid tragedies, keep in mind that safety comes first. Before you decide on your destination make sure you get all the necessary information. Carry all important documents. And finally, don’t forget to have fun.



Chicago, the ‘Windy City’ of the United States of America is indeed a highly sought after destination for the discerning tourist. Ions of all times. With a mesmerizing historical past, the city has a bundle of attractions – for the man, for the lady and even for the little one.  If you’re looking for a complete holiday destination, well your search might just end here at Chicago.

San Francisco Skyline

Breathtaking architecture is one of the major tourist attractions here in this part of the world; the Chicago Architecture Foundation conducts guided tours of the historical skyscrapers. These tours really add something special to a trip as  the tourists are taken inside a few of the most amazing constructions of America. Each and every building here exhibits uniqueness and sheer architectural brilliance.

  • Navy Pier, a massive construction by the side of Lake Michigan is the house of excitement and super fun.
  • The Buckingham Fountain along the waterfront is a treat for the visitors’ eyes.
  • And a view of the town from up and above the 103 floor tall Skydeck is the favorite of one and all.
  • Step out on the deck and you will be captivated by the view. With a host of restaurants, museums, eateries and other fun places , the Navy Pier is one of the favorite hangouts for the children.
  • There is also the 150 storey tall Ferris wheel-another architectural wonder of the world.
  • Just to mention a few of the very appealing names there are, Hancock Building, Shed Aquarium, Adler Planetarium and the very popular Field Museum. Here the children get to see the biggest display of a Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur. You can keep the little ones busy with special tours to educate them about ancient civilizations. There are interactive sessions and everything is done to make the teaching interesting to the children. Kids will also love the Seadog rides, which provide the thrill and joy of speed boat rides.

Early Morning in San Francisco

Chicago is the Mecca of shopping, Magnificent Mile is stuffed with 460 high end retail stores – the biggest brands are all here. There are lots of  cafes and restaurants to help the shopper relax after a long shopping spree.  This shoppers’ paradise is all decked up with lights during the holiday season. Music is being played to create the perfect ambience. Then there is the Merchandise Mart, here in there are as many as 130 stores, the buyer gets complete solutions for home furnishing, lighting and décor needs. Besides, the city has the largest wholesale fashion district of the world, the “Chicago Wholesale Garment District”; there are as many as 230 stores. In this Apparel Center the retailers and buyers meet for wholesale buying.

Other attractions
All through the summer months, there are firework displays during the night. During the winters there are open air ice skating rinks. The population of Chicago are fond of a festival and there is always something interesting taking place in this very happening city-  the Magnificent Mile Shopping festival, the Tulip Festival, the Magnificent Mile Lighting Festival, there are  colorful parades, live performances, people dressed up as Disney characters for amusing the crowd and much more. Other attractions would include sightseeing on cruises, and then there are Shakespearean plays and other live shows at the Skyline stage.


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